Lynbrook Speech and Debate is excited to host our 13th year of speech and debate summer camp. This camp is open to incoming 4th-9th graders, for both beginners and experienced students. The students will be separated by age group and skill level so we can tailor the curriculum to maximize their learning experience. With Lynbrook’s professional coach as well as seasoned high school speech and debaters guiding the students, we ensure individualized feedback to help the students improve the most.

This year, with our invigorating curriculum for the students enrolled, we hope to give students a greater exposure to the value of speech and debate. This collaboration will ensure that we have more than enough instructors for students, guaranteeing success.

The camp will first be focused on speech-writing and speech delivery to hone the students' ability to put their thoughts on paper and translate them into coherent words when speaking. Then, students will learn proper techniques of argumentation and how to construct arguments, with lessons and practice on actual debating. 

The camp will be from July 26 - August 6, 2021.