Lincoln Douglas

More of a logical thinker? LD focuses on ethical values, logic, and philosophy to create two cases: one that affirms that month's resolution and another that negates it. The objective is to convince the judge that your view on the topic is more logical and ethical than that of the opposing side. The name was created from the series of debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas in which they argued the morality of slavery, therefore making the debate based on morals.

Public Forum

This is when a group of highly intellectual people engage in heated discussions about a current event. Luckily, you don't have debate alone because this is a partner-debate in which you and your partner create a case that affirms that month's resolution (changes every month) and another case that negates it. The objective is to use material you have prepared such as evidence and citations to convince the judge that your team's arguments and logic outweighs the other.


Are you a very detail oriented person? Policy identifies a specific plan of action that addresses a yearly resolution. The debate requires thorough detail, analytic thinking, and multiple intellectual discussions. You get to work with a partner to create a strong debate.


Can you whip up a speech in minutes? If so then Parliamentary is perfect for you because it is the only spontaneous form of debate. Debaters are given topics 20 minutes in advance to the round, requiring you to use your partner, general knowledge, and prepared articles to either affirm or negate the topic and create a case. The topics vary from a political current event to an environmental current event, so you need to be ready for anything!