"I really enjoyed the debate summer camp because I learned about many topics I didn't know before like Arab Spring and the Cold War. Also I had a lot of fun in the contests and working with my group."

Nandita Iyer (6th grade)

"The debate camp was a really good experience for me.  Not only did I gain new experience, but I also learned a lot and the camp helped me with learning more about speech and debate."

Gabby Nguyen (9th grade)

"Speech and Debate was truly a very good experience. I attended the camp for the past 2 summers and it has helped me a lot at school. We have had several debates in school and I felt prepared and confident to speak in front of many people when we had presentations and speeches. At camp we learned the process on how to write cases and speeches, what would happen at a real speech/debate tournament, and at the end we actually got to debate against other people. It was also very fun interacting with high school kids who are also your teachers. They make sure you aren't stressed out in any way and help you whenever needed. Overall, my friends and I had a great time both years and it was very useful."

Rhea Kamath (7th grade)

"Debate camp is a fun, energetic and friendly way to spend a week of your summer vacation. And with very caring and encouraging teachers and assistant teachers as well as outgoing and supportive classmates, Lynbrook's debate camp is a definite way to have fun and most certainly to find your voice!"

Eric Chiang (8th grade)

"The instructors at camp were really passionate. My teacher gave me high school advice, and we're even friends on Facebook now. I  made new friends here, and it was more fun than I thought it'd be."

Rik Vendra (7th grade)

"Through LSD summer camp I improved my skills in both speech and debate drastically. I was able to organize my speech and research in incredible ways that will help me in many aspects of my life in the years to come."

Raj Mehta (9th grade)