Week 1: Fundamentals of speech 

Students will learn the fundamentals of the speechwriting process, utilizing and incorporating personal experiences, developing one's self-confidence, as well as utilizing critical thinking or improvisational skills to come up with ideas on the spot. On Friday, campers will participate in an online tournament to exercise their speaking skills and gain valuable feedback from instructors and peers. 



Our student instructors are well-versed in the events that Speech and Debate has to offer. Lynbrook SD students have qualified to nationally recognized tournaments, from the State Championships to competitions as large as the Tournament of Champions. That being said, we hope to pass on this knowledge and experience to our students. With Lynbrook’s seasoned high school speech and debaters guiding the students, we guarantee individualized feedback to help the students improve the most. Moreover, instructors for the Camp have been accepted by many prestigious universities, including MIT, Duke, Stanford, Yale, UPenn, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, Rice, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and more, and have extensive debate experience. Your children will have the amazing opportunity to work with all of these team members and many more during the summer. After nine years of summer camps, we hope that this will be the most enjoyable for your students.